Of all the Faces of AIDS, the most forgotten are the AIDS orphans - any child under the age of 18 who has lost one or both parents to AIDS. AIDS orphans are further categorized as “affected” or “infected”. The number of AIDS orphans in India is estimated as approaching 1.2 million, far exceeding any African nation. The total number of infected children is estimated at between 70.000 and 200,000.
Although government and private foundation funds provide generously for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, very little funding is directed at the unique social, nutritional, and emotional problems of AIDS orphans. Their numbers are increasing and their needs are great.
These faces of AIDS orphans represent 64,000 whose families are being followed and supported, with funds from the Global Fund, by Alliance, India, a non-profit organization in New Delhi, and their partner organizations. All of these children are affected and many are infected by HIV…