All of these children are HIV+…and thus came to be evaluated at one of 13 Pediatric screening camps conducted for the Clinton Foundation in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. In all, 208 HIV+ children were screened and 67 found to be candidates for ART (antiretroviral therapy), based on clinical assessment and blood studies, including CD4 counts.

The number of children who were accompanied by grandparents, including several grandfathers. served as a vivid reminder of the “missing generation”.

In Andhra Pradesh, over 3000 HIV+ children have been identified, with that number expected to triple by the end of July. They are identified at a district level and then linked to ART (treatment) centers. IN A.P., there are 23 districts but only 14 ART centers, creating major logistical problems in administration of treatment. In spite of organizational and government commitments, many children, especially in rural areas, simply cannot travel monthly to ART centers for check-up and a new supply of medicine. Currently, the biggest gap in the system is lack of access to treatment.

In India, there are potentially 120,000-200,000 HIV+ children. Approximately 4500 are receiving ART with a goal of 10,000 by the end of 2007.

Since generic, dose appropriate, affordable treatment for children was negotiated by former President Clinton in 2006, the Clinton Foundation is committed to identifying and providing treatment for every HIV+ child in the world.