Based in Shillong, Meghalaya with offices in New Delhi, Maitri is an NGO founded by Lt. General (Ret.) Bhopinder and Mrs. Winnie Singh.  Their work initially focused

on HIV awareness,care and support for military families.  A sewing skills program which gave HIV affected military wives a means of support when they returned to their village homes, has recently been implemented in a large Delhi slum whose residents are at high risk for drug abuse, STD’s and HIV/AIDS.  The sewing skills project will not only provide a trade for women living in the slum, but will also create opportunities to empower them through HIV/AIDS education and prevention.  

It is within this context that I had the opportunity to visit and to record the faces and activities of a huge slum community.  Relatively isolated from the mainstream by stigmas associated with caste and poverty, with many at risk for the additional stigma of HIV/AIDS, they indeed live, function and thrive as a supportive community as exemplified by these images of a day in the life of a Delhi slum.