In 2009-2010, with staff from Alliance, India, we documented 40 families, representative of 64,000 families of children infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS in 4 high incidence states: Manipur, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu

40% of the children are HIV+; most have lost one or both parents, many being raised by elderly grandparents. After one year, 4 children and 3 adults had died; one HIV+ child contracted TB and 2 families moved multiple times due to stigma and discrimination. These images compare 2009 with 2010 and reflect the most striking observation: India is facing a major epidemic of teenage orphans, 40% of which will be HIV infected…

Since India in 2010 reportedly harbored 1.6 million AIDS orphans, most disturbing is the fact that there is no major funding to address and provide for the unique social, educational, medical and psychological needs of these adolescents. It is hoped that these portraits will increase awareness, provoke interest and stimulate government, NGO and private funding for self-sustaining hostels and/or educational/vocational training for the orphaned youth of India.